1UnderPar.com’s 1 month update

On April 5, 2019 1underpar.com launched. The first post was made about 1 week later on April 11. Now that it’s been live for a month, I wanted to post the first update on how it’s going.

For most of that month I’ve been focused on writing good golf content that people want to read. Being a long time golfer, that’s been the easy part.

Taking a look at Google Analytics, I’m mostly happy with them to this point. The average session time is good and the bounce rate is a within an acceptable range.

Google Analytics for just over 1 month

I do have to admit to wishing more traffic would suddenly show up but that’s mostly me being impatient. It takes time.

Writing and SEO

I mentioned the easy part was writing, the harder part is learning all the ends and outs of SEO.

I worked for nearly a decade with CNET Networks, a company that relies on good SEO to drive traffic to their various web properties. So working on and launching web properties is something I’m very comfortable with. But there was still a good amount to learn with SEO since I was on the engineering side of the CNET Networks business.

Over the past several weeks I’ve given myself a solid grounding in SEO, SEO tactics and SEO tools.

Useful SEO Tools

Picking the right SEO tools has been a lot of trial and error. I’ve come to like three separate tools for SEO.

The first is kwfinder.com which is a site to look up keywords in order to get topic ideas for the articles posted on 1underpar.com.

The second useful tool has been spyfu.com. SpyFu lets you spy on your competition. It can tell you their top keywords, their top articles, show their backlinks and even give you an estimated monthly click figure, along with an estimated income. Figuring out what your competition ranks for is a very handy thing to have.

And finally, the third tool is Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. This one has been indispensable for writing good SEO optimized posts.

Off-page SEO has been a challenge. Since Google search looks at links to your website as votes, getting as many good backlinks has become a priority. I’ve looked at several ways to get “whitehat” backlinks but so far haven’t had any luck. More updates on this in future update posts.


Initially I had planned on earning money on the site with Amazon affiliate links and Google Ads. All of the posts point to products with affiliate links but I decided not to place Google Ads for now. Instead, I went with Amazon shopping ads.

So far, I haven’t had any affiliate revenue but I didn’t expect to so early on. For now, I’m focused on growing traffic to the site, writing content that people want to read and getting ranked highly in Google search results (SERP).


The immediate goal is to get to 100 page views, on average, per day by the end of the year. A close second is to see my first afflicate income generated by the website.

The ultimate goal is to get an average of 1000 page views per day and maintain that number. Of course, more than 1000 is great too. But I’ll be happy if I can get and keep 1000 page views per day eventually.


So far this adventure has been a lot of fun. It’s certainly a lot of work as well. Juggling writing, daily social media content, graphic creation, SEO research and site maintenance is like a part-time job. But, even if this venture doesn’t pay off, it will have gained me valuable SEO skills and experience.

Until next time.

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