Today I’m happy to announce that is live!

What is is my latest web-based entrepreneurial/business venture. In general, the website itself is centered around golf, one of my passions in life. However, most of the content will be geared more towards new, beginner and intermediate level golfers. The site will offer tips, advice and product reviews that can help improve your golf game.

What type of content can I expect?

There are currently (as of this writing), several “best of 2019” posts. For instance:

There are also some general interest golf articles that are geared towards golfers of any level such as:

What is your goal for

For the rest of 2019, my main goal is growing traffic through SEO efforts (both on and off page) as well as posting quality articles that can be ranked highly in search. A side goal is to be active on social media and build a solid brand reputation for

For this year, turning a profit would be icing on the cake. However, I’m not setting that as a goal this year.

Going forward

I plan to document this venture on this blog. How things go, both good and bad, in the hopes that doing so will provide advice and a guideline for others wishing to build something similar. It will also be interesting to look back on in a few years to see where I made mistakes.

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